Indonesia: Stories of HIV & Harm Reduction

Like most of his co-workers, Hadi used to be a heroin addict. He is also HIV positive. ‘A Cleaner Fix’ is an award winning* documentary produced by IRIN that follows Hadi and his peers who distribute sterile syringes to drug users for a needle exchange programme. This short film, that is available for viewing below, follows Hadi on his daily journey as he rides his moped to parts of Jakarta with other workers to distribute clean needles to the networks of users that they have built up over the past few years.

Please be aware that this video includes real incidents of injecting drug use.




‘A Cleaner Fix’

Duration : 18mins 38secs

This video is wholly the work of IRIN and viewing on this website is in agreement with the IRIN terms and conditions. Please visit their site:

* “A Cleaner Fix” was awarded Best Documentary at the International Drugs and Harm Reduction Film Festival.


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