Research Interests:
Injecting drug behaviour
Qualitative research methods
Social capital
Visual ethnography
Organised crime in Chinese society
Harm reduction interventions and theory
Social networks
Service evaluation
Cross-cultural interventions
Service user views and experiences
Community-level interventions
Current Research
Doctoral Research (PhD, University of Manchester) ‘Investigating the Experiences of Ethnic Minority Injecting Drug Users in Hong Kong’
Research Activities:
Belcher, L. (2009) The Role of Social Networks in Accessing Injecting Equipment and the Implications for Harm Reduction Interventions [oral presentation, conference paper] National Conference for Injecting Drug Use, Glasgow.
Belcher, L. (2009) ‘Social Surveillance and Social Capital: Understanding the role of Social Networks in Secondary Needle Exchange Provision’ [oral presentation, conference paper] Irish Needle Exchange National Conference, Killarney.
Belcher, L. (2008) ‘The Role of Social Networks in Accessing Injecting Equipment and the Implications for Harm Reduction Interventions’ Thesis Paper: University of Oxford
Belcher, L. (2006) ‘The Experiences of Problematic Drug Users Accessing Coercive Modes of Treatment: A Qualitative Study’ Dissertation: University of York. tau Island [大嶼山]. His goal is to run the Maclehose Trail 100km [麥理浩徑] in 2012 and to one day see his beloved Charlton Athletic return to the Premier League.

2 Comments on “Research”

  1. Lisa Luger
    July 2, 2011 at 19:56 #

    I like the site with your research projects. However, the presentation is embedded in a website with other presentation and seemingly unrelated information and adverts, and I am getting lost, what ot look out for. Its possibly me as I am not so used to new technologies.

    • July 3, 2011 at 07:27 #

      Hi Lisa, If you single click on the presentation then you will stay on this site. Otherwise, you end up on the slideshare site that has adverts and other information which are beyond my control [as it is free to use]. cheers.

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