HK Spotlight Articles:

Near Miss on Hau Fook Street [August 31st 2011]

A true account of ‘going over’ in Hong Kong with advice and information how to respond in an overdose situation.



Hepatitis C: Hong Kong 2011 [July 28th 2011]

Despite all the advancements over the past twenty years, Hepatitis C remains something of an enigma. This article was written to coincide with World Hepatitis Day [July 28th] and raise awareness of this virus.


‘Mind the Gap’: Nepali Drug Users in HK [July 1st 2011]

A discussion of the Hong Kong treatment system’s response to the heroin misuse situation in the Nepali community that draws upon existing research with the intention of provoking a dialogue and working with the Nepali community in a culturally appropriate way.

What’s So Special About K仔? [June 29th 2011]

Ketamine [K仔] was almost unheard of in Hong Kong about a decade ago.  However, it has now taken over as the most popular recreational drug for residents under the age of 21. This article takes a look at the current situation and aims to provide accurate information about the risks and consequences of ketamine use and dispel any myths in the process.


Research Articles:

Doctoral Research by Lloyd Belcher [June 27th 2011]

A brief summary of the PhD research being undertaken with the Centre for Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Manchester. Research Title: ‘Investigating the Experiences of Ethnic Minority Injecting Drug Users Accessing Injecting Equipment in Hong Kong’.


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