The courses that Lloyd provides are divided into two categories: Professional Training Courses [專業訓練] and Drugs Education Workshops [毒品教育工作坊].

Professional Training Courses [專業訓練]

These courses are specifically designed to enhance the skills of workers who work with those who use or are at risk of using drug/alcohol. Lloyd has delivered these training courses to a wide range of professional audiences in Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and other countries. These include Drugs Workers, Prison Staff, Magistrates, Social Workers, Pharmacists, General Practitioners, Service Users and Teachers.

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Drug Education Workshops [毒品教育工作坊]

Lloyd has experience of delivering drug education workshops to a wide range of audiences including secondary school students, Parent Teacher Associations and community groups. Lloyd actively engages participants and aims to create a dynamic learning atmosphere from the initial session where delegates can actively share ideas and opinions. These workshops are tailored for specific groups and settings. These are as follows: (i) Schools & Youth Settings [學校和青少年團體] (ii) Community Groups [社區族群] and (iii) Parent & Carer Groups [家長親友].

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