Lloyd has experience of offering consultancy services that draws upon experience of working at a strategic and operational level of organisational development, third sector service delivery, development of education courses & contract management. This experience enables Lloyd to understand the challenges of managing people, processes and performance; which are essential for delivering improvements at all levels of an organisation.
Positive outcomes are a result of in-depth knowledge of service development and include a large national provider being successful in securing a substantial contract in providing treatment services across a county in the North of England.
Lloyd adopts a collaborative approach to consultancy, working closely with key people towards achieving a specific goal. Lloyd’s style of consultancy ensures active participation and sustainability for clients.
Some examples of consultancy work include:
  • Developing a drugs policy for schools
  • Drug and alcohol policy and protocol development for businesses
  • Curriculum development for secondary schools
  • Service user involvement
  • Managing a culture change for improved outputs and outcomes
  • Research and needs assessments
  • Service reviews
  • Workforce professional development within a competency framework
  • Team development and team building

For full details of the consultancy services that are provided then please contact Lloyd directly by either submitting the below enquiry form or by calling [+852] 6579 3006.



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