Drugs Education Workshops

Lloyd has experience of delivering drug education programmes [毒品教育工作坊] to a wide range of audiences including secondary school students, Parent Teacher Associations and community groups. Lloyd actively engages participants and aims to create a dynamic learning atmosphere from the initial session where delegates can actively share ideas and opinions.
Lloyd employs key principles that have been adapted from the latest best-practice evaluations carried out in the UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. These principles are summarised by the Drugs Education Forum (UK) and can be found here.
Drug Education Workshops [毒品教育工作坊] are tailored for specific groups and settings. These are as follows: (i) Schools & Youth Settings [學校和青少年團體] (ii) Community Groups [社區族群] and (iii) Parent & Carer Groups [家長親友].

Schools & Youth Settings [學校和青少年團體]

Lloyd delivers workshops that engage young people in Hong Kong with the aim of increasing their understanding of drug and alcohol related issues, enabling them to enjoy safe, healthy, productive and responsible lives. The workshops include a number of creative ways to raise issues that are both age and material appropriate. Workshop content can include:

  • Exploring attitudes & opinions
  • Understanding drugs & their effects.
  • Clarifying current drug and alcohol legislation
  • Guest Speakers: ex-drug users talking about their experiences

Community Groups [社區族群]

These workshops are designed to meet the needs of local communities in Hong Kong and aim to ensure that groups have access to accurate information and guidance about the risks of drug misuse. Workshop content can include:

  • Informative drug and alcohol education
  • Exploring attitudes and opinions
  • Clarifying current drug and alcohol legislation
  • Providing harm reduction Information
  • Signposting to local drug and alcohol treatment services

All of the above contribute to supporting local community members to make an informed decision when responding to drug and alcohol related issues.


Parent & Carers [家長親友]

Parent Education Workshops are designed to provide a learning resource for families and carers in Hong Kong. The overall aim of the workshops delivered by Lloyd are to increase parents’ and carers’ knowledge of drug-related issues, thus enabling them to better inform their children as well as to improve communication around the use, treatment and health implications of drug and alcohol use. A range of topics can be included within a workshop. Recent workshops have included:

  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Current Drug and Alcohol Legislation
  • Discussing substance misuse with young people
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services Provision
  • Treatment Service Visit
All Drugs Education Workshops include:
• Workshop evaluation & delegate feedback
• Workshop Resource Booklet
Please note that:
  • Drugs Education Workshops vary in duration and appropriate location will be decided after consultation with the booking organisation.
  • Certificates of attendance are awarded to all delegates upon completion of a Workshop.
  • Drugs Education Workshops are designed to provide high quality training at a competitive cost. Costs will be determined based on a number of factors that include the nature of organisation and the size of the group.
Workshop Booking
For a copy of the Drugs Education Workshops Brochure and/or to discuss the possibility of Lloyd providing a workshop to your organisation, then please submit the below contact form to send a message directly to Lloyd. Your message will not appear on this site.


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