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Hong Kong Harm Reduction

The following article is by Judy Chang [AHRN] who interviewed me to contribute information on Hong Kong’s harm reduction situation. Hong Kong is a study in contrasts. A city of multiple personalities, it has managed to absorb people and cultural influences from around the world. The rich live, work and play in uncomfortably close proximity […]

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Hepatitis C: Hong Kong 2011

This article has been written to coincide with World Hepatitis Day [July 28th] with the aim of raising awareness of the Hepatitis C virus [HCV, C型肝炎] that has chronically infected 2-3% [130–170 million people] of the world’s population and claims more than 350,000 people to HCV-related liver diseases each year [WHO 2011]. In 1990, HCV […]

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Video Resources

A selection of videos have been added to the resources section. These include videos for use by drugs workers and educators as well as a range of media reports on drug issues in Hong Kong and the Asia region. View the videos in the resources section

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